Our vineyards are located in the villages of Adrada de Haza, Pardilla, Fuentenebro and Moradillo de Roa, in the province of Burgos. The soils beneath the vines have their own personality and this is what gives the grape its own special characteristics. These are then passed on to the wines. All our vineyards are cultivated as bush vineyards and production is not forced. We let each vine express the best of itself by carrying out a generous pruning and allowing just a limited number of bunches per vine.

In Pardilla, Fuentenebro and Moradillo de Roa there are seven hectares of old vineyards, with vines that are between 70 and 100 years old. These are in deep siliceous soils, with a sandy loam texture. They are at an altitude ranging from 920 m to 1016 m above sea level.

There are eight hectares of vineyards in Adrada de Haza. Here the vines are younger, their age ranging from 10 to 15 years. They were planted and grafted in the field with autochthonous shoots of the tempranillo or tinta del país grape variety. The soil in which they are located is extremely limy and stony. It is deep and has a clay loam texture. They are in a location that is protected from the bleak Páramo de Corcos plateau, at an altitude ranging from 890 m to 930 m above sea level.