Organic viticulture is the branch of organic agriculture which involves grape growing. Our view is that the vines and the soil which sustains them must be treated in accordance with the laws of nature, in other words, with the greatest respect. This way, the land yields healthy fruits with a multitude of aromas and subtleties which subsequently make their presence felt in the wines.

The treatments we use in our vineyards are biodynamic. We attach a particular importance to the conditions of the terrain; each plantation is unique. The soil morphology gives the grape its own particular characteristics and the grape gives the wine its own personality.

The treatments are based on:

  • Plant based natural composts.
  • Biodynamic preparations: preparation 500 and the dung preparations. We only use preparation 501 or silica preparation when there are low strengths of light.
  • Green fertilizers and dung to enrich the soil.
  • The use of the hoe and light machinery for the removal of weeds. There are no concoctions that make weeds disappear without damaging the vine or the life of the soil. The hoe and light machinery are the best tools for this task.
  • The influence of the moon and the stars. Let’s remember that astrology is a science and that the moon influences the plants and the making of wine in the same way that it influences the tides and many other aspects of life.

Generosity is an essential ingredient of caring for vineyards. The vine must feel light, without too much fruit, so that it can fully ripen. The grape thanks us for it by providing a great range of aromas and flavours.

The soil, the vineyards and their surroundings are in perfect harmony to prevent pest and disease. Well “furnished” surroundings – with hedges, trees and bushes – are needed to complete the natural cycle of cultivation of the vine.

Organic viticulture ensures that the grapes produced are of top quality, free of any chemicals, with a greater amount of nutrients and with natural yeasts adhering to the skin of the fruit, thereby making the fermentation a natural part of the production of organic wine.