The four Ácrata wines make up our “The Four Seasons” collection. Each represents one of the seasons. With this collection, the bodega wishes to pay homage to four exceptional grape varieties: White Albillo (Spring), Bobal (Summer), Red Grenache (Autumn) and Monastrell (Winter). All these varieties are grown in the Ribera del Duero using ecological – biodynamic methods.

In the Ribera del Duero, we have vineyards of a great historical richness which it is our duty to preserve. They are located in small plots and in many of these there are varieties that are typical of the Ribera del Duero but which are regrettably disappearing from the region.

One of the projects which we are currently undertaking involves recovering old vines which are between 70 and 100 years old. Some are even pre-phylloxeric.

These vineyards are at an altitude of 950 metres above sea level. Some of them are as high as 1,000 metres. They are on small plots and on uneven spaces of about 2 x 2 metres. We find that the only way to work this land is by using animals.

Over the years, many hectares of these centenarian vineyards have been transformed into “macrovineyards” and this has had a considerable impact on our natural environment.

Small plots of vineyards, adorned with hedges, trees and shrubs and being replaced by large monovarietal vineyards.

Although there are many factors which influence the quality of our ÁCRATA wines, it really stems from the philosophy with which we work our vineyards, the characteristics of the soil, the location of the vines, the altitude and the great respect which we have for the natural treatment involved in the cultivation of our vines. In our view, the raw material (the grape itself) is the essential element when it comes to producing distinguished wines, wines which have their own unique personality.

We cannot ignore the varietal richness that exists in the Ribera del Duero and which we have inherited from our ancestors. Varieties such as Albillo Blanco, Pirulés, Garnacha Blanca, Moscatel, Airén, Bobal and Valenciana, Garnacha Tinta, Garnacha Tintorera, Monastrell, Juan García … All these varieties which only survive with difficulty in the Ribera del Duero are disregarded and undervalued. They have all but disappeared from here. This is because they do not match conventional standards and tastes.

Apart from Tempranillo or “Tinta del país”, that outstanding grape which is synonymous with the Ribera del Duero, let’s not forget the multivarietal richness of this region. It is a region which produces great wines, wines with personality, wines which are a reflection of the soil. Each of our grape varieties is exquisite and unique.

  • Botella Vino Ácatra Albillo Blanco - Primavera
  • Botella Vino Ácatra Bobal Rosado - Verano
  • Botella Vino Ácatra Garnacha Tinta - Otoño
  • Botella Vino Ácatra Monastrell Tinto - Invierno